International music education

Many of our teachers are capable of teaching in English and other languages.
The teachers listed below are all very happy to provide you with lessons in English or other languages.

If interested you can contact all teachers directly or through this online form: click here
For general questions call: 06-24564387 or email for general enquiries.
Our musicschool is situated in the St. Vituscollege,  Beerensteinerlaan 69 in Bussum

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Teacher Instrument Languages Phone Email
Amand de Ligt Drums English, French, German 06 2456 4387 email
Bence Huszar Cello English, Hungarian 06 2467 9085 email
Carlos Gomez Violin/Viola Spanish, English 06 2456 4387 email
Folke Nauta Piano English 06 1334 4717 email
Gaby van Helsdingen Singing/Gospel choir English, German, French 06 3032 2230 email
Hanneke Veldhuizen Saxophone/Recorder English, German, Spanish 06 1196 9550 email
Herman Onnen Acoustic/Electric guitar English, German 06 4731 8358 email
Jeroen van Helsdingen Piano English, German 06 5251 6909 email
Lizette Bertelsmann Violin English 06 2122 5710 email
Louise van de Sande Bakhuyzen Piano English, German, French 06 2707 0121 email
Marco van Os Bass guitar/Double bass English, German 06 1748 2796 email
Marijn Vlijm Flamenco/Classic Guitar/Ukelele English, Spanish, German 06 5478 5508 email
Serena Vanheuverswijn Violin/Ukkepuk English 06 2984 4413 email
Suzanne Pijpers Singing/Children Choir English, German 06 3615 8477 email
Wies Ingwersen Singing English 06 5182 3223 email